WOW! Yummy Tanzanite!


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I've got to say that this gemstone looked phenomenal. The colour was outstanding - really rich.

Apparently it comes with a book (not sure what that's about), the wax moulding and not sure what else. It's now at £4,999 but I'm guessing it'll drop more. Not a ring for the faint-hearted though as it's 14 x 11!!!

Update: Blimey it sold at £4,999! Even Adina sounded surprised.


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The booklet......

I missed this ring that Meesh is referring to but have seen a couple of other '5th birthday specials'.
They are one-of-a-kind pieces and each comes with a booklet showing how the ring was created from
start to finish.

I saw a different Tanzanite ring later on that Adina was was a beaut! A round cut deep blue
Tanzy in YG, about 1.5cts....with booklet, wax mould and special box, and she sold it for £444!
It sold in seconds..........:doh:

Apparently tonights 9pm offering is a Chameleon Tanzanite.....

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