Wonder what the lovely Mr Steve Ashton would think about all the changes at gemstv!!


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Aug 20, 2008
I was thinking earlier on how much gems had changed since the loveley Mr Steve Ashton left gemstv...(Hope you and your family are well Steve!!)

I wonder what Steve would make of this downward spiral.... as he did a sterling job both as a presenter/manager...and in my opinion all his hard work has now been undone!

""Steve if you are out there come and say hello to us all"" (We miss you lots)

remember me Steve!!? (Superman card Mary) xx :D
I too miss Steve I think he was a great Manager and presenter. Gems seem to have lost there way a bit at the moment things just aren't fun anymore to watch it's all about the selling now and what with the sudden price increases makes me sad to see the downhill turn the channel has taken :(

No interaction with customers either like there use to be no special discounts ever so sad:(
I have to agree that Steve Ashton's departure from Gems has been a huge loss but to me the changes for the worse began with arrival of Sally Morgan and her range. Coincidence?

Didn't see that coming did ya, Sally? :D
I have to agree that Steve Ashton's departure from Gems has been a huge loss but to me the changes for the worse began with arrival of Sally Morgan and her range. Coincidence?

Didn't see that coming did ya, Sally? :D

Love your post Huggles, it made me laugh. The real changes started when Gems was floated on the Singapore stock exchange and Don and Steve B were no longer majority shareholders and then sold their shares last year. It is indeed all about the money now and I'm quite surprised that the old presenters have stuck it out as long as this. It used to be such fun and if we all feel so strongly about it, imagine how it must feel for them.
I totally agree it's just not the same at all without Steve. They should break the bank and try and get him back then give him carte blanche to run the show - wow wouldn't that be good! I think we'd all be rushing back credit cards in hand! He probably doesn't even know how much we miss him.

Whats happened to steve? As i've not been watching recently i didn't realise he'd left.
He decided he needed to spend more time with his family Elusive. Funny you should start this thread Mirabelle, I was thinking exactly the same thing only the other day. I was also thinking wouldn't it be lovely to see him at Rocks.TV:D
:) Yes Mad4Gems It would be brilliant if Steve A came to Rocks.TV.
I do hope things are going well now for him and his family.
He lost loads of weight and began to look ill himself before he left....
and it was a sudden departure wasn't it! not even getting a chance to say farewell to everyone on screen!....(he said his goodbyes on her St.Com)
Obviously his family comes first before any job! it had too as his little girl was really poorly...(Hope all is well now Steve!...Come and say hello to us all!!!!!) and tell us what you are doing these days!!?

From(Gem card Mary XX) :)
Gems seems to be going down the pan rather quickly! Really miss steve...he was such good fun!

I hope he and his family are well and happy
I rarely watch Gems these days. Steve did bring a sense of fun to the proceedings and it was great that he kept track of things on here and ironed out problems. (Though it probably all added to the stress of his job, making him quit to spend more time with the family!)

I also didn't like the change in graphics on screen and the garish colours. The last straw was when my basket wouldn't check out online. I tried every day and it wouldn't go through so I just gave up in the end. I know I could have phoned up and got it through but that rather defeats the object of the convenience of online shopping doesn't it?
Hi Everyone - I had a couple of messages letting me know this thread was on the site. I'm still in touch with Graham and a few people on the site.

I genuinely think that everyone at Gems is trying everything they can in these difficult times. When I was there we tried a few things on air that sometimes worked and sometimes didn't (anyone remember the 'Breakfast show - my idea which fell on it's ass)- it's the nature of the genre that you try things that are not working for the business. I think the timed element is something they are trying - they may or may not keep it - I don't know.

Please be assured that everyone at Gems does still care about every one of you and the team there working really hard to try and maintain the strengths of gems and everything it stands for. I truly believe that the team at Gems may get stuff wrong sometimes but the marketplace is knackered at the minute and they are trying everything to secure their future.

Personally, I think the marketplace is a bit saturated, undercutting is prevelant and everyone is trying their hardest to maintain profits (and NO-ONE in the market will deny that) keep employees employed, deliver good service and do something unique. It's easy to look back at the old days with awe but personally, I think the designs (across the board) are better (One thing you couldn't accuse Gems of in the old days was innovatie design!), everyone is trying to bring you the 'best service' 'lowest prices' 'exclusive designs' 'only opportunity to bring you this unique gemstone' etc etc etc and when Gems was born out of the ashes of Snatchit, it WAS unique and different, it's now a huge 'ME TOO' market (in consultancy speak)

As far as I'm concerned, the next big thing is just that, I think in the future the big players will still be the big players (and that's for a good reason) the smaller players will come and go, who will stay and who will go 'YOU DECIDE'

If you like the design - you will buy it - if its a rare gemstone in a crappy design (a -la Old skool Gems)- you will decide wether you want to buy it based on the rarity of the gem and relative value.

I think my time in shopping tv is well and truly over. The kids are great, Laura is fully recovered, Lily is getting more like her dad every day (god help her) and I'm working on a few projects. Ii could write a book about my time in shopping TV but the last thing I need right now are dozens of libel cases LOL!

It was a great ride and I enjoyed my time in shopping telly tremendously. You lot are a demanding breed, kept me awake at night, drove me mad and I loved every minute.

Take care - Don't stop moaning, complaining and demanding. Don't forget to peppr things with a smattering of praise now and again - (they DO read the forum!)

See you
Awwwwwww Steve your a star you really are hunny and regardless of what you say it mut be so humbling to have sooo many people who stopped tuning in after you left.

You were a major part and a link to the service which was so fantastic and that is something we will never forget.

Im pleased your well and the family are doing great.

As for some keepin you awake at night im sure it would be with the demands but on the flip side of the coin could it have been with all the filth threads speaking of untold things and lustings after you and how they loved your superman pants.:funny laughing1:..

Your a gent ,dont ever change .xx

Lovely post of yours hun

Love Nichola,xxxxx
Thanks for taking the time to reply Steve and pleased to hear your family is well.
I take my hat off to you for the loyalty you have shown for your old company, it's good to see you supporting them and sticking up for them.
However, for me facts are facts and all the fun has gone out of Gems. It is now boring to watch, I'm afraid I can't agree with you on the designs and the prices are now so high, I hardly ever bother to watch any more and I was a real fan in the 'good old days'.
I could go on, but it's all been said before and would be boring.
On a brighter note, there is now a clamour on Rockstv Chat for you to appear there - it must feel great that you are still missed! Good luck with your projects and take care.
Now that, Mr Aston, is a very interesting post - informative, knowledgeable, witty, personal touch and thought-provoking - shows why pretty much everyone here adores you:)

Thanks for the insight - I think, on the forum, we all 'live for the minute' when jewellery purchases are concerned - you see something you like and decide whether to buy it or not. Done. We're particularly prone to latching on to the 'next big thing' - probably because the forum grapevine is so efficient - and having fun along the way. I know that I don't consider the long term implcations and issues, and all the decisions that have to be made by a business, that your post has summarised so neatly. Points well made - and well taken.

You are genuinely missed (in case you hadn't realised:p)
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Hi Steve glad to see your still around and keeping an eye on us all here!!!,:D glad the family are well, respect to you for the loyalty you are still showing us and gems, i think alot of us miss the good ol days and dont like the way they seemed to have brought the new concepts in at once, instead of slowly introducing them to give us chance to get used to the new format, i know alot of my gripes:mad: have been to do with delivery time and the crappy packaging, and like most things now, prices are going up everywhere, but i have to agree with jacqualina, the fun element has disappeared faster than tanzanite:eek: and thats one thing i think most of us miss.
Anyway, im not moaning, have just received a gorge diamond ring from gems for my birthday, am off to go and dazzle everyone. Take care hun and keep in touch:D
Hiya Steve. :) What a very magnanimous and loyal post and a credit to you. However for me, and I suspect many others, you were the heartbeat that kept GemsTV alive and exciting and your departure has left the channel desperately ailing. :( CS also went downhill when TonyP was pushed out and it still shocks me how such a downturn in standards was allowed to happen. :confused: I cannot agree with you about inovative new designs and low prices, all I see are the same ancient pieces going round and round in a loop on the (now) rubbish website :rolleyes: at inflated prices. :eek: If Gems want to kick start the channel/company and shift all this old stock why don't they have a massive clear out at genuinely bargain prices?? :cool: However as I no longer watch or buy that is irrelevant to me and unless I start to see some really positive comments on here from the real bling girls :D I shall stay firmly on the wagon........until I fall off that is!! ;) Anyway, I am so pleased to hear that life is good for you and your family but sad that your days in shopping telly are truly over, it would be sooooooo good to see those handsome chops gracing our screens again one day. :WUB: Sue xxx :pPC:
:D Hey Steve thanks for coming in on the forum to say Hi to us all!! It was good to know you are still around...(Come on Steve come back on our screens pretty please Rocks.Tv may be)!!!!!! they are looking for presenters :)
I'm delighted that you and your family are doing well now!.
I fully understood your reasons for leaving, it was self explanatory really.
I agreed with some of your post Steve, but not the majority, the day you left it changed.
I for one feel that Gems have forgotten...it was us the customer who put them on their pedestal..and helped launch America Japan China etc, and in my opinion we have been made to feel like we don't matter now.
Any way enough said on that subject now!!

Steve did you know that Caroline is leaving? no doubt you will as there is a thread on it!
and if you didn't know wedding bells are in the air at Gems..... Angeline/Nick got married on 9th August 08 and on honeymoon now, also Lynne/Rod are getting married on 21st September 08..
Hope you will pop in again very very soon Steve!! we sooo miss you!! and your cheeky grin...oh! and the superman pants!!! lol.

Take good care Steve.
Luv (Superman card Mary) XX :D

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