Windowlene Anyone?


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Jun 24, 2008
I'm saying nothing - the pictures speak for themselves!


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Okay - so the image says Tanzanite ring/paraiba bracelet, but wot woz it really, Everest! xxxxx
Omg, I have never seen such bad windows on a gemstone! Does anyone know how much it sold for ( or should i say whether it sold at all!!) lol
Looks like differing shades of frozen puddles as well. Can't see two the same.
That's shocking!!! I mean I know we joke about it, but lets face it, compared to some members of Joe Public who purchase from the channel, we are a bit clued up and know how pants that is. Seriously, how can they peddle this carp for the prices they do and still sleep at night? It's just not right!!

Honestly don't they say that they use the best lapidarists in the world? What world is that then? The world of blind cutters who work with hands tied behind their backs??????

How they have the nerve to sell such sh*te I really don't know.
But Klos, thats the best quality of gemstones than can bring us..didnt u know that?! lol...Cripes help us if thats their best, i wouldnt want to buy their worst.
Does Windows mean you can see right through the stone? Trying to learn more so can understand the issues better.
Yes G. You've got it in one. Rocks and Co are THE worst offender. "Windows" appear in gemstones when they've been cut to maximise carat weight rather than beauty. It normally means that the gemstone has been cut too shallow. I'll try and dig out the thread where I've explained it with some piccies before. Hang on ............

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