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Hi Bluebell, im watching but have never tried the products. Have to say they look nice and im curious about the scents - original if nothing else!!

However, that guy is really making me cringe, when i can understand him. Wish i had been in time for the minis to give all the flavours a go.

Did you go for anything?
No but I did see the minis on waitlist so might have been tempted by that, like you say to try a variety.
They will probably come back in stock
Oh poop, switched on too late to nab one of the discovery sets, hopefully they'll reappear at some point! :(
*note to self* Study TV programme guide more thoroughly!
I watched it and thought it over-priced. Those scrubs were in very small jars and cost a bomb.
No will have had a chance to buy as it was the worldwide launch of the range. Of course the mags got it to try, hence letter from A Turner.

Organic soil cert will always be more expensive, they have to make sure everything is up to standard and pass all the tests. Many brands say organic on the label to to be soil certified you really have to rise the bar high.
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saw the show was not impressed with the presentation. did not go into the actual ingredients thats the whole point of qvc to actually give us some info re products.
it gets worse too much chatting about nothing i paticular and nothing said about sizes fabric content whether any cleansing products have sulphates etc.pippa saying how soft the lather is is not encouraging enough for me to buy.also saying something is loaded wuth essential oils means nothing to someone with really sensitive skin as a lot of people are allergic to some specially the high concentrations.
very irritating.
I fancy trying this range but too close (or too far away) from pay day. I looked on the Wild Organics Beauty website and the 250ml bottles are £15 and p&p £3-95 so QVC prices for the sets of body wash and lotion are not too bad. I use Molton Brown and get it from the Molton Brown shop now it is on QVC no more there new body therapy range is gorgeous but expensive so could do with finding something slightly more affordable.
have to say the guy on who was I believe the founder gave me the creeps and I thought pippa looked a little uncomfertable at times but looking on the website I have decided I can put up with him the company does a lot of chairity work for the freedom from fistula foundation and will be funding operations to transform womens lifes so I guess he cant be that bad
Wasn't this range originally scheduled to be launched earlier, possibly on beauty day? I'm sure I remember seeing it on the tv schedule leaflets that you get with orders.

It did look quite interesting but I only switched on part way through. I've ordered the discovery set on waitlist but I'll keep checking for it showing as available.
Just skimmed over the QVC threads and for a split second thought the title of this one was Wild Orgies.... Just some overpriced beauty carp with a poncy name, how disappointing. :rolleyes: :pPC:

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