Why so many 4 day deals?


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Jun 26, 2008
No doubt someone will enlighten me :D

Is it because they are are emptying their warehouse of rubbish?
Or just emptying the warehouse of rubbish?

Or too much stock that they haven't yet sent out?
Or too much stock that has been returned?, No can't be that

Or have to make space for the Decoupage?
The Kaftans?
The fleaflops ?
The Karchers?

go one you know you want too........
Don't know why but they always say they don't think they will last the four days :rolleyes:

I never remember when the blessed things start and finish but I'm sure the majority hang around for four weeks, never mind days :rolleyes:
Seems to me to be an excuse for getting rid of total tat. That and they cannot get things to sell, hence dare I say it, the amount of craft shows :mad:. For all the variety of things they sell now, I'm surprised they bother having so many presenters!
i don't suppose there are many companies left who want to be associated with them. And the way they are endlessly flogging the remaining few, doesn't bode well for their future.
Yip, same old crap, same old crap, same old crap. The channel is sinking with crap! Its never been the same since Steve left. He would have never sold half the garbage they do now. His standands range and choice were great.
Scraping the bottom of the barrel I suspect - No new items, boring repetitive shows, yawn, yawn......................
With all of the repetitive items would it not be easier to stop boardcasting live and just have pre-records - not like anyone would notice.
well, i love the craft shows however, i have commented too on the same old stuff going round and round and a never ending supply of MM kits but i also have noticed the same thing on the items on IW the buyers seem to be becoming complacent and just sticking with what they know, and the companies they know, instead of getting off their phones and a**es:eek: and going out there and seeking new horizons for the channel!!! wouldn't it be lovely if everything was new and exciting and we didnt see the same thing on and on and on ..................................(weeks later...) and on and on and on......yawn...please IW, CC, if you are reading this and the buyers aren't busy:eek: please get them to do some awesome deals and bring us new stuff and new stash, thankyou:rolleyes: i live in hope;) its round the corner from living in bliss and cloud nine

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