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Jun 24, 2008
i did it again i !

i had a friend order two wraps for me for a family members birthday (they wont take my irish debit card or bank drafts) and surprise surprise there was a **** up ! my friend has received a pack of birthday cards valued at £4.90 + p&p of £9.90 according to the delivery page inside the bag and the one attached outside says that its for two wrap. they never arrived just a pack of cards that were not ordered and the p&p was way too high. :confused::confused::confused:

if this problem was with QVC i would have some hope of sorting it out but not with IW . it will drag on for months with call between my friend , myself and an indian call ctr who cant / wont help and in the end i will have to pay for two wraps i didnt get and pay the euro amount of £15.00 for cards and p&p, just to save a friendship

RANT OVER :mad::mad::mad:
No wonder you are angry, I'd be spitting too. What a **** up. I'd have thought if IW is available to view in Ireland, they would take your bank cards too!

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