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Polly Esther

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Oct 7, 2008
On beauty day I ordered an item that was on waitlist. On checking a few days later, it was "in stock".

Phoned CS and was told "oh no problem, one must have come back into stock. I'll allocate that to you and get it sent out".

The status of my order is still showing as "awaiting stock" and of course never arrived, meaning that what was promised never happened.

Sadly I'm not particularly surprised....but had it been an item I was absolutely desperate for or for a pressie, I would be really really annoyed.

Am tempted to write a letter of complaint, but I doubt I'd get anywhere! :28:
Birdie. I am still waiting the Philosophy on waitlist.Goods are in stock selling at a higher price. So doubt I will ever get it. was for a xmas present. As abroad was going to use qvc as a good way of sending pressies to my mother in laws for distribution but not bothering now.They have had it.

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