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Not on QVC yet (yet!), but I see Nicola Coughlan is advertising Skims. Not that she looks like Nicola Coughlan...

If Skims worked that much of a miracle I would definitely be buying them, 'designer' or not.
Nice dontcha think?View attachment 28886 If you're quick you can get it for £40 & postage then it goes up to £50. Seriously I think my nan would've baulked at that!
Funny looking skirt and even funnier lining that's to stop the skirt creeping between your legs when you walk. Worn with the matching poly top you'd sweat something cruel.
Just when you already get RL for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday, they’ve now got 2 hours on QvC Style. Abi Cleavage on QVC live now and again tonight. Every time I switch on it seems to be these two or their products on. One overpriced tat and the other one patronising person.
I was desperately trying to find something to watch last night due to wall to wall football on telly last night and I came across June and Jackie in those hideous garish tents. The garment they were showing was a tie dye effect summer dress which all I can describe as cheap looking, and cheap it wasn't even at the reduced price of £40 & £3.95 postage. You really don't have to spend a lot of money to look like you haven't raided a market stall. If you want to buy a tent there's quite a few camping/outdoor pursuits shops on the high street and pretty much all of them sell classy looking summer dresses and skirts (similar to what Seasalt sell) made out of natural fabrics for a fraction of Q's prices!
That's an insult to Omar the tent maker - a bunch of 5 years olds more like and this is probably true! If I'm honest, I'm insulting 5 year olds as they've probably got a better sense of subtlety and style than whoever, or whatever made this bunch of tat!
Sorry, Omar!!

Truely hideous, both of them. £58 for shamelessly polyester tatt, but it did come with a belt that you can use in your hair or round your neck!! Absolute drivel.
Or, to be really daring, you could tie the belt on your handbag!
Just caught a glimpse of Malissa G and Jackie Kabler. Oh dear, Jackie’s dress looks like a night robe. And those satin kimono blouses with matching trousers, put me in mind what the glamorous women wore to lounge in during the 1920/1930s.

I did catch a bit of the YAS fashion yesterday, and these seem to be designed and cut very well and actually fitted the models. Price wise not too bad. Looked much better value than the shapeless offerings from Marla Wynn and Frank Usher.
She's calling her denim jacket that's selling now at £25 the "three minute jacket" because on one airing it sold out in three minutes. No, Ruth, you can't compare that to the Denim & Co jacket that's sold thousands and that has thousands of high reviews. I was surprised to know that A Dawson owns 15 of them and D Flint has one in each colour. I wonder if they own one of Ruth's. I must say, however, that my M&S denim jacket is very heavy and cumbersome, plus it's a nasty green colour. I bought it at a ridiculously low price and I think I'll donate it. I'm not going to replace it.
I heard Julia mention yesterday that the Denim & Co jacket had sold a quarter of a million in 5 years.
Wonder if Abbi Cleaves is thinking of buying up Ruthie’s ranges? She could become one of the first to bring to the Q SPF incorporated dresses, jackets and all manner of things!
I think Mallisa G was on IW a few years ago, as I bought a crocheted shawl with armholes, and though cheap as chips is one of my better buys from IW and still going strong.

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