Which presenters do you like best and why?


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No negative comments on this thread please! This is a happy clappy thread! Here are my favs:

Angeline - awwww. She's just lovely and can sell me anything! I don't know if anybody remembers the "seaweed" necklace? That's got to be one of my favourite bits ever from GemsTV. Not only did it have Angeline laughing until she cried but I did too! I wonder if any of our resident video clip experts can dig this clip out????? Plasma Noodle? Capture King?

Lynne - I love the way she takes the mick out of herself (in a good way). Always smiling! Great shoes!

Sam - so quiet she's often overlooked. Sam gets on with it and has a great knowledge.

Lucy - yes I know, I can't believe I'm adding her in here. I've got to say that she's toned down recently and when she's calm, I actually find myself enjoying watching her. Nice one Lucy!
Lynne - I just love the madness of her, and is the only presenter (other than Derek) I felt the need to contact. She looked so beautiful one night with her hair neatly arranged and a rather elegant top I had to "stalk" her via the studio just to compliment her, after she had been doing that self-deprecating thingy. (The e-mail was read out and old soppy-socks here felt really embarrassed - like anyone knew who the hell I was anyway).

Sam - for the same reasons as you Meesh.

Liv - I do hope she gets back - I loved her very quiet dry humour, and the voices.
Angeline ... I find her extremely easy to watch and listen to and I love it when she gets the giggles. She probably could sell sell coals to Newcastle and she might just be the one who makes me fall off this rickety ol' wagon.

Lyn ... she's as mad as a hatter and always good for a laugh.

Matt ... he's on another planet at times but he makes me laugh with his impressions and when goes off at a tangent and, oh yes, he's quite cute too.
I find Lynne and Angeline the best to watch - both have managed to get me to buy some wonderful stuff in the past.
The best thing about the two ladies is the way they seem to enjoy showing us all of the things on sale. They manage to get over a genuine enthusiasm for jewels and that is infectious.
Sam i love the way she is so calm but informative none of this OH MY GOODNESS this didnt ought to be at this price malarky. Lin cause shes fun. And of cause scott will miss drew even better looking in real life nice bloke sexy voice
what do you reckon to starting a thread on who we dislike the most next
I think some peeps have already done that Tequila, in a roundabout way <a href="http://plugin.smileycentral.com/http%253A%252F%252Fwww.smileycentral.com%252F%253Fpartner%253DZSzeb008%255FZNxpt484YYGB%2526i%253D36%252F36%255F22%255F25%2526feat%253Dprof/page.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_22_25.gif" alt="SmileyCentral.com" border="0"><img border="0" src="http://plugin.smileycentral.com/http%253A%252F%252Fimgfarm%252Ecom%252Fimages%252Fnocache%252Ftr%252Ffw%252Fsmiley%252Fsocial%252Egif%253Fi%253D36%252F36_22_25%2526uiv%253D3.0/image.gif"></a> xxx
My own personal nominated favourites are: - Fi, as she is calm, makes me smile, and I love it when she makes a little mistake, and says "I beg your parsnips!" dont know why, but that always makes me smile. Liv as she is as mad as a box of frogs! Lynne as she is calm, and she has a good sense of humour to; Blokes, well i am warming to Matt! and i do like a bit of Scotty, the special memory of him, is of him doing his take on the maricota amblygonite dance!! I laughed so much, i needed surgery! lol, also he has a wicked :devil; sense of humour!! :grin::happy:
Angeline, Rae and Sam - for no other reason than I prefer them to the other presenters
Lynns always so happy, easy to watch, funny and informative, Scott i find funny and i also like Angeline mostly for the same reasons as Lynn
Crikey I'd forgotton Liv and Fi! I know Fi's on maternity leave but where's Liv?
Well...I like the ones who 'chat' to us and use less of the repetitive sale spiel.

So that would be Angeline, Scott, Matt and Lynn. Yep.
Lynn, definitely. I love her sense of fun, and she was just as sweet IRL when I met her at the Coloured Rocks party. I really liked Rod, too - such a shame he's gone. It's easy to see why Mr & Mrs Jinks got together IMO!
Good thread MissMagpie, I like Lyn and Angeline cos they are down to earth and Matt makes me laugh in a nutty kind of way...hes prob the only guy i like, ,

I admire Adina for the hard work she must do juggling sum late nights and twins too.. I think Lynn and Adina look really god lately, i MUST get their diet tips!
My favourites are Angeline and Lynn (especially when together). Even more so when they were part of the breakfast crew on Snatch-it. :)

I don't have the seaweed necklace incident but have a few other 'gems' to create laughter that I'll post later.
I know this is slightly off topic but isn't that a lovely picture of Derky above? I thought he was brilliant on Gems.
... and hot off the press. From earlier this year, about Feb/March-ish time. Angeline gets the giggles whilst selling one of the hidden treasures.

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