Where is supercoolwillow?


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Lily K

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Apr 6, 2009
Hi, Although I have only just registered I have been reading the posts for some time. This forum has helped provide some light relief from a very traumatic year.

So where's supercoolwillow and his fab jewellery bargains? Its not the same without him.
He is still around.

Welcome to the forum.
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You can always catch up with his movements in his blogs Lily (but you will need to become a VIP member to access this part of the site..), I think we would have lost this facility by now if he didn't keep it going. So well done SCW.
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We've just had threads thanking both SCW and Sazza for the hard work that they do finding bargains and other details for us.

I hope they both know that it's appreciated :)

That said - I don't think we need another one so i'm going to close this.

On a side note - welcome to the forum Lily K
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