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Sep 27, 2008
Hi Guys! I'm new here. What's the gossip? What is your favourite topic of conversation about QVC and what do I need to know? :54:
Not forgetting.......... Literally!!! ;)

ACTUALLY how could you forget Literally !!

Latest gossip is that Dale is so worried that Charlie is numero uno chap on qvc that he started doing clothes and bag shows and he really isnt very good at it. ACTUALLY, nor is Charlie but at least he remembers to do the Sizes.

Also, Catherine H has a crush on SarahG and they plan to set up home next to the guy who blow dries their hair on an hourly basis.
He is deaf so their droning voices dont have any effect on him.

Julie Roberts has announced that ACTUALLY the small is too big for her and she really should have gone for the X X X X S. but she has a huge Instep (all those years of dancing - the cancan) so the Markon boots dont fit her. Oh well, she celebrates her 15th birthday next week and you know what these teenagers can be like.:11:
Oh don't forget the resident gold "expert" :33:Jan Springer. Seems to know nothing about were styles, shapes and trends originate from but gosh they are fluid aren't they and smooth in texture and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D:p
And the fashion came out of the ark but we can always dress it up or down, ideal for the school run or an evening out with the "girls".
And the fashion came out of the ark but we can always dress it up or down, ideal for the school run or an evening out with the "girls".

don't forget to buy one as a present for mum, sis, daughter, gift for teacher etc etc etc and you are always in fashion even for walking the dog,(even if the dog has his head in a paper bag out of shear humiliation from being seen with you in that outfit).
Fashion expert, Glen Campbell, says that when getting dressed, especially in the summer, you prefix all the names of your garments with the word "little".............. little top, little jacket, little vest, little bag and then you put on a little shoe and you ALWAYS wear "a trouser".
Don't forget Kim and Co were you step into all there tops because they stretch soooooooo much then spring back............
the trousers oh those trousers just screw them up and pack them for all your vacations ladies................
I had to join in!!
Hi, MysteryShopper.
Warm welcome to the forum. QVC use L'Occitane en Provence in their loos, Pippa wears 'Ugg' boots when not presenting and 'Gem Expert' Guy Clutterbuck likes to wear carpenters's overalls when selling gems to Tiffany & Co.

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