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I've not bought anything from them yet, but anytime i do tune in
it looks like the poor shoppers QVC lol. It either scarfs with bags,
or kaftans:eek:,. I think the best product i've seen is the Roomba
cleaner. ;):)
Not bought anthing good from them, I have either thrown it out in the end or returned it.
Without a doubt, Flexibak. Does what it says on the tin :D

Me too Phloxy. I haven't bought anything from IW for months, but I'm still using these.

I have a big confession - I actually bought a pair of Flyflots years ago!:eek::eek: I haven't bought a kaftan yet though! :D
Snooz pillow - although I know someone else's burst when they washed it.

I've not bought from them lately thought because delivery and customer service is so hit and miss.
Irish Dreams goose feather& down duvet, Harry Ivens sapphire jewellery , Jerome Alexander Italian Marble powder and various items of jewellery (mostly clearance) which I have bought over the years.
I really can't think of anything. idealworlds are so inconsistent with various product lines that interest me.
I got that when it was POTD for Mrs Snoop it doesn't seem to run out :eek:

Lasts for ages and is good stuff i think Snoops. Gentle on your jewellery too. If you want to make it last longer still, you can sieve it thro muslin too...I dont but it can be done.

Will try that Tabs there's one up our road called Mustaffa will see if he's up for it :cool:

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