Whats the best items you have bought from TJC.


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Jun 29, 2008
Mine is a 9ct yellow gold Green Amethyst pendant with chain for £15 and a few days later I got matching stud earrings for £15 to go with it, they went to my neice for Christmas.

The other is a 3 piece ERP (with chain) Emerald and Diamond set in 9ct yellow gold, I got it for £37 and it went to my best friend for Christmas also.
Most recently a Russian Diopside ring 0.75 for £17 and a matching (carat weight) pendant for £15.

Best in terms of best ever, My Morganite and Rhodolite garnet ring for £49.
mine was a set of bronze pearls earrings ,bracelet and necklace for nothing crashed to £0 first time ever
Well done Tequila - to be honest I'd forgetten they did the £0 price crashes, it's so long since I've seen one :)
I've had some wonderful pieces from TJC (back in the day when prices were affordable but we all thought they were expensive!), tanzanite, alexandrite, diamonds etc. I can't speak about the quality now but definitely on the whole, the Iliana range at that time was really fab. Some of my favourite and everyday pieces are a pair of .50ct earrings screwback studs, a gorgeous diamond daisy shaped pendant (both Iliana), and in terms of a bargain a pair of white gold and diamond drop tension set earrings that I got for £0!

When TJC got it right, they REALLY got it right!
Gosh loads! Rhapsody SM aquamarine, Iliana Paraiba Tourmaline, Iliana rubies, diamonds, sapphires, the list goes on.
I love all my TJC purchases as Meeshoo said when they got it right, the really got it right!
I haven't bought a huge amount from them, but I think my favourites have to be my pink amethyst ring and pendant in white gold - huge, sparkly and well cut. So pretty!
If it's best as in nicest then my Paraiba, Rubies and Brazilian Emeralds win hands down. If it's best as in bargains then there are absolutely loads including a Multi Gem Bracelet for £1, lots of different coloured pearls at bargain prices, Kunzite ring and pendant and most recently a 5.5 carat London Blue Topaz ring for £39 and matching 6 carat pendant for £29! The list is endless - I've spent a fortune over the years!

Still looking for the perfect Colombian Emerald and Tanzanite pieces but it's lottery night tonight so who knows!!
LOL what a plonker i am, i have even commented in that post!
I remember now how it was the beautiful neon green shade of PT.

Gemcherub if you're reading this just now my ring is on TJC right now! Talk about coincidence! It's spooky!!
I've just tuned in as well, that's a beautiful ring Klos, love the style and colouration.

Didn't it go back to the vault?
Bargin buyz......

If Yazrose means 'best' as in best bargain buy, then mine would probably be the first piece I bought from them.
T'was a pink Sapphire YG ring, quite dainty and with four sparkly accent diamonds for £44...and it wasn't too big for me!

Second would be a YG Tanzanite pendant, the small stone is a trilliant cut and such a deep shade of blue and again
very sparkly diamonds on the bale...cost £39. Its reet petite! mysmilie_1436
Whats even more spooky is we posted how "spooky" it was at the same time!

Now that's just scary!
Without doubt my 'best' purchase in terms of value and quality was an Iliana tanzanite pendant and chain for, wait for it....£16.00!!!! It was very small, 6 x 4mm but it had a small diamond and was deep violet in colour and also came in the lovely Iliana box. I gave it to my sister for her 50th birthday and she was thrilled (still haven't told her how much I paid), she'll know now as she often lurks on this forum. Never mind, the secrets out!

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