Whatever happened to REN?


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Mar 7, 2009
I used to buy a lot of their products at one point, then they changed the shampoo & I didn't like the new one, had a mild hissi fit & never bought anything further from them!
Anyway, I digress! I vaguely remember seeing them on QVC one night (ages ago!) but only the once & QVC don't have them listed now under Beauty! Anybody know what happened there?
I dont know but lots of brands just disappear from QVc without mention.
Yes, Tricia spot on. QVC works as an outlet for some beauty products better than others, I suppose. Don't know what that says about the majority of QVC customers though... !
I did wonder if it was a 'able to supply' problem as REN were/are awful for forever being 'out of stock' on things, had to wait weeks sometimes to get certain products!
You must have been reading my mind - seriously yesterday I was wondering about Ren as I have a balm I am using from them. Weird. You must be psychic. Or else we are all bored and have nothing better to think about.
#8 It just suddenly popped into my mind! lol
I remember thinking at the time 'Ooh how useful, REN on QVC', then I forgot all about it & it was only when I saw them mentioned elsewhere that I realised they had apparently never been back on & had now disappeared form QVC's products list!
(May have to order some bath stuff now I've been sat here thinking about it, the oils smell so lovely, really true to life!)

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