What were your best qvc or any shopping channel buys?


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Jun 24, 2008
From QVC

Stylees....a lifesaver
That german juicer
two pairs of sandals with bungy spots in the soles
lock and locks

California beauty steam styler....another lifesaver for my hair..and still just a fiver, I believe
Urban rebounder...well made and good fun (exercise trampoline)
Magic bullet blender

Best Direct
"Red exerciser"

Internet radio dongle...absolutely fantastic product
Swarvoski crystal poodle brooch...beautiful
memory foam full thickness matress
feather and down quilt
carry on film boxsets

Automatic gear changing bicycle...sadly got stolen, but was fantastic
Principal secret reclaim skincare
So many favourites but.....:

The discovery of Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak (the only one of their products I've ever got on with!), just wish I could afford to buy it all the time!

A pair of clay bead bracelets in the clearance section (thanks SCW!), I wear them virtually every day!

Discovering the LE range, no matter what other ranges I try, that one remains my all-time favourite, so thanks for something QVC!
KWC origins do a fantastic muscle soak, don't know how it compares price wise to elemis but it rocks.

QVC - Smashbox stuff, though they are no longer my dealer.
IW - well actually C&C, the circle scribe, and an easi yo which I can't use at the moment but I have hope for the new low lactose product.:64:
Liz Earle and Bare Escentuals. I get the TSVs from QVC otherwise I go to LE's site or ebay. (However, Jabba gave me loads of BE so I'm ok for a while!!)

Lock n Lock- unbelievable. I use the boxes on a daily basis and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Northern Nights Egyptian cotton sheets. Yes, they are a real pain to iron but I've never slept in better ones.

Get a grip crampons - may look silly over my shoes and the kids might refuse to walk with me when it's frozen and icy underfoot, but I look a damn sight worst flat on my backside with my arms and legs akimbo.

Garden lopers - used them today on some reachable tree branches and they did the job very well. Plus I got a good upper body workout(great for the bingo wings lol)

Lock and Lock - When they're good they are very good and when the clips snap off they are horrid. Or when they go all mishapen in the microwave.


Decleor Prolegene gel, oils and balms, Harmonie Essential. Elemis PCMC, eye serum. PK Elasicizer, scalp mask & tonic, Preen cream. Prescriptives SLP and introduction to the brand which I buy locally. L'Occitane. Talika

Northern Nights Quilt

Goodsphere - Once bitten twice shy as far as their CS is concerned. Never bought from them again. Buy from an alternative online retailer now.

Bid Up/Price Drop
Set of knives
Couple of handbags
Set of Brabantia saucepans, still going strong
Well the only thing I have ever bought from IW was the David Bradford jewellery cleaner long ago. The reason was I remembered it under a different name sold on QVC and it is good.

QVC, oh no doubt the Molton Brown TSVs of long ago. Brilliant value and usually under £20. Elemis again the older ones where better value.

Bargin hunter in the days before digital TV. They put the lists up twice a week around 5pm and of course no pictures but descriptions. White gold necklaces and bracelets around the the £20 mark and I still have them too.

GemsTV quite a few lovely pieces of jewellery. Sadly they are rubbish and too expensive now. Stopped buying when they put the shipping to Northern Ireland up to £10+.

Never look at the other shopping channels, Virgin don't get lots of them and no interest really
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From QVC I love:

Lock and Lock - hurrah lids which require no special squeezing skill to make airtight
Cooks Essential - revolutionised my cooking with non stick pans that go in the oven
Microplane - best hard skin remover to date

Far, far too many beauty products to name but I've discovered many favourites.
Lock and Lock - the only problem is the huge store of them in various sizes - just in case I need that particular shape!!!
Cooks essentials - love the pans
Northern Nights - couldn't be without my feather bed, pillows or Flannel - but now only buy from the outlet.
Smashbox - again only buy from qvc now in tsv's otherwise I use Jayne
Gatineau - again only for tsv's otherwise I get elsewhere.
Microplane - the best ever hard skin remover
OPI - again only for tsvs
GTech sweeper

Many others but also many lots of crap too!!!
Liz Earle..now also only buy tsv, go direct to her shop otherwise! :1:

Northern nights..feather matress..flannel and cotton sheet sets

Kipling Breezer bag..love it!

Lock and Locks :21:

and....my fist ever craft set which started me on card making many years ago..a ladybird set!

QVC - my kipling bag,
stylees (which I can't wear at the mo because my bob is too short!)
and some imitation mink throws - not cheap, but sooooooo luxurious to snuggle under on a winter's day. Better than any other throws I've seen in the shops for the size.

IW - flyflots.
QVC - Without a doubt my memory foam mattress topper, don't know how I ever slept without it (probably didn't!), Laura Geller Balance & Brighten, Epijoy hair remover, plus lots of other things too numerous to mention.

IW - Discovering the comfort of fly flots!! (Don't buy from them anymore after too many upsets with CS).

Price Drop - My first digital camera.
loccitane introduced to me by qvc always buy tsv's to keep us in bathing luxury forever.
bare escentuals but i normally buy top up bits on e-bay again qvc started me and my daughter on that.
lock and lock (qvc) the whole family have it invaluable.
my raymond evison clematis love them....and him....
my diamonique which i have been buying from day one but i must admit i get loads from clearance.
yankee candles love them but buy them online now.
mop and ojon oil.....
lock and lock (invaluable for storing loads of different things)
get a grip crampons (they work)
18ct gold diamonique studs
honora pearl stretch bracelets

great to see what you others rate as good: I'll check some out!
Liz Earle daily eye reapir (only thing in the range i use but brilliant!)
Lock and Lock - love them!
Samashbox cream eyeliner with brush - in fact all their brushes!
Silver Jewellery - great selection of gemstones and good prices

Like amny others, dont buy so much from QVC anymore but great for introductions to decleor, molton brown, l'occitane, philosophy - to mant to mention!
I think my best buy / value for money was probably my (pink) Slanket - got me through the cold winter without having to use the heating!

I've also enjoyed/got a lot of use out of the Smashbox TSVs although I didn't bother with the last 2. (Prefer to buy individual items for Jayne as her selection is MUCH better!)

And the Ojon Tawaka TSV (aired before Christmas) is amazing!
For me it has to be Birkenstocks. Had never heard of them until I saw them on QVC and now I wear nothing else on my feet in the summer.

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