What look is Catherine going for?


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Jun 24, 2008
Just turned on to catch up with D day while OH and sons went to Halfords. What is CH wearing? I finally decided it's a dead heat between the Lady of Shalott and Abigail's Party. What a silly billy!
I thought it looked lovely! Then again, what do I know?

I agree, I thought Catherine looked lovely. If I could afford extensions that matched my natural colour, I would definitely give them a go. Couldnt tell whether she has gained weight but she is by no means overweight. I think she does wear slimming underwear though depending on the dress she is wearing as some clothes do look better on her round the tummy area than others. Maybe she gave them a miss today.

I thought she looked lovely too. I thought she had made more of an effort but then i realised who was in the next show. i think she was going for the "im on with royalty look".
I thought she looked nice today too. I thought she looked likeshe'd lost some weight when she was doing the fitness hours the other day.
She is a class act and always look smart compared to that size small Flip Flop wearing presenter Julia.
I like catherine and thought her hair piece looked lovely and matched her own hair perfectly.
She looked good. But boy was some rubbish coming out of her mouth in a earlier show. A £411 bracelet and she was going on about how she could only find a bracelet like it for £16000 on Tiffany's site. Yes dear that was because the diamonds where high grade and not cz.
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Catherine is one of the very few presenters who know how to dress and makes the best out of her figure. nothing too revealing, bits hanging out, very respectable. she also dresses apropriately for a working environment which happens to be broadcasting, but she does not treat it as showbiz. that's being respectful of the audience imo.

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