What is the point of falling prices?


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Jun 18, 2012
Why does TJC make such a song and dance about reducing prices that are VASTLY overinflated to begin with? I despise the way they always blabber on about what the price isn't, and how they really shouldn't be making such reductions and that if the Management knew they would not be pleased. Erm, excuse me is it not the Management that set the prices?

I don't want to know how f***ing much something is not. Just tell me the final price you *****!. You don't go into the supermarket and have someone saying "this loaf of Kingsmill bread was £401.87, but today we're taking under £200 - and we're not going to stop there.....ooooh if the manager knew about it we'd probably get the sack......price rolls to £19.99........cue another 6 minutes of bulls**t before the price drops to £1.35... GO! (cue pumping music, followed by slightly tense, suspenseful music).

And have you seen some of the tat they sell on there? What the hell does "gold tone" and "silver tone" mean? Brass and aluminium? Base metals!

I personally love it when the presenter really hypes on about a piece an nobody shows any interest in it. There was a presenter harping on about a round cut AAAA tanzanite ring (which to be fair did look like a nice ring) and you could see her trying to hide her crestfallen feelings as nobody placed a bid.

The only thing I like about TJC is the presenters. They seem fun and can be quite entertaining apart from posh wannabe Chloe Marshall who I find irritating, and of course Amit. They had another buyer on there called Deepak. I think he might be Amit's brother - he has the same lack of personality.
The real falling prices auctions are long gone but this is the case for all channels TJC is no different!

The thing that annoys me is TJC tend to drag auctions out, spending a good 30-45 mins on a OTO or a DOD really?, if its actually selling then fine but most of time quantity is not going up that much and i haven't got all day to stick to an item i don't want to buy, or if i wanted it i would have already got it so no need to spend 45 mins on it!

I don't like half the music they play and half of the music they use is used on the sh*t-up channels which is always negative reminder of how bad those channels are!

I do however admire their sister channel in the USA, the liquidation channel, its a much more professional presentation. The start music comes on, the price drops and the auction music starts, the price may have 1-3 plunges before reaching the final price, where the final price music comes on, this is all done within a minute, no faffing about.

I do believe it is much more interesting than watching a QVC/Ideal World presentation, and I have to say TJC seam to always have the best range of presenters.

Liquidation channel live link;


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