What is going on with GTV price hikes?


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Sparkle plenty

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Jul 14, 2008
I bought this ring for £20 before Christmas in a moment of Elvish madness (I had a Galadriel flash and decided it looked rather other-worldly). It is really pretty and I don't have anything like it so I'm delighted.


However, it's now on the website for £35 (someone has a bid in). Even my very dodgy maths tells me this is a big percentage hike!

I also saw a sapphire silver ring 'sell' for considerably over £100 last weekend.

I bought this for £39 in November and it's now on the website for £50 ...


I know gold has gone up a lot, (although the presenters say GTV bought gold when it was cheap) but it seems GTV might be shooting itself in the foot expecting its loyal clients to stomach prices like these in a credit crunch ...
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That rubellite ring was a total bargain at £39, well done you! It's still not such a bad price at £50, but it's a big percentage price rise isn't it?
I have been flicking through all the channels lately and gems prices have risen alot since there so called sale ended, puts you off a bit and for the prices in their web shop well thats another matter. Tut shocking prices imho.
I agree with Jantac, Sparkle, that rubellite was a total bargain, and still is at £50. I've noticed their silver pieces are going for prices their gold pieces used to sell for, and people are buying, so I supposed consider them good prices. I rarely watch anymore, let along buy, although I did get 2 gifts from GTV for Christmas, and am very happy with them.

I agree the price hikes on gems are excesive the price of their silver is laughable. I used to be a very regular customer of theirs but now its very rare that I purchase anything from them.
I totally agree...Gems is very overpriced on silver and certain stones like amethyst and zircon which are not rare.

I bought items during their so called sale and they are now being sold for the same price!!!

I cannot believe that they have brought back a pendant the huge chunky green amethyst pendant shaped like a cross going for £179. I bought that yrs ago for around£119...what a huge jump for green amethyst!!!

Another illustration of how high priced Gems have gotten...

I hardly ever watch them now.

and just a piece of info, chrysoprase is rarer than rocking horse poo, is just depending on where on earth do you live...

I could get a chrysoprase bangle, and I mean, the whole bangle made out of chrysoprase, no metals nor other gems, at a price of about...5 pounds. Chrysoprase, apple-green chalcedony, is just average in Asia esp. in China, relatively rarer than agate or red or blue or purple chalcedony, but not actually THAT rare, if you get my drift...
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and just a piece of info, chrysoprase is rarer than rocking horse poo, is just depending on where on earth do you live...

oops, it's bixbite rarer than rocking horse poo, sorry :31:
but yeah chrysoprase is not so rare anyway LMAO....sorry :(
You'll be inundated with offers of a presenter's job from several of the channels Alupha... :lol:

oooooo why's that? but well, if I am i'd be happy if they would offer me a weekend job with a lodging for a night (preferably in their VAULTS lmao)

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