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Jul 14, 2008
qvc management permanently close your account? Can you ever order off qvc again? Igelkott
they are about to, they have suspended my account and are deciding within two weeks.
you can't stop a dedicated shopper shopping!

come on, spill the beans, have you somehow managed to rip them off?

we want to know. . .:cheeky:
if I opened another account they will just cancel it. I tried this already! Also if you use another name doesn't help as you still have to pay for it with my real name etc etc.
is it just a couple of items or lots, it seems a bit strange as a previous coment made, you have a right tochange your mind
Did they send you a letter first or just decide to suspend your account? If they closed mine it would be the ultimate FART!!! :happy: (but I hope they wait until after the LG TSV as that is my reward for buying nothing for yonks!)
It sounds as though it's the same scenario as when people received 'The Letter' for sending too much back.
I've been wondering about the "letter". I didn't know about it until I found this forum. I've sent a lot of things back (credit/debit as I don't use cheque hold) and haven't had the letter yet. Whats the criteria for sending the letter? If this is the wrong place for this post, apologies.

Hope you get it sorted out igelkott x
Had "The Letter" at christmas!. If I order 5/10 things I pay for a few. Still surely I am allowed to change my mind?
Hi igelkott

Sorry to hear that your account is in jeopardy.

I guess though, if you only pay for a small proportion of the items that you put on hold you're stopping others from buying them and that's not really fair. I almost never bother with going on a waitlist if something has sold out (cheque hold would register as a sale, I suppose) and to be honest I'd be a bit miffed if I was missing out on things that were put on hold and then the sale was withdrawn.

Sorry - not the response that you wanted to hear but if I was one of the suits at QVC and had targets or turnover to reacch, especially in these tricky economic times I would be looking at people who back out of cheque hold items. You can't put stuff on cheque hold in a shop, can you?
But they oversell items anyway as I have bought stuff on cheque holds and then been told that they have sold out. I haven't been allocated stock for a while so if the stock is in stock and I pay then I will be sent the item, so I am not holding anyone elses stock. The powers that be stopped allocating stock so I am not hurting anyone.

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