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Jun 30, 2008
In my own world. It's very nice

Shiny Shiny thing :D

OMG that piccy is huge
Beautiful ring Pepsidoodle i had the blue diamond cluster BS943 which is very sparkly in the sunshine in yellow gold ,and today i have just recieved a lovely pendant WA463 which almost matches a braclet KA729 i bought last week because i was looking for something a bit different with a pearl for my 30th wedding anniversary i loved it so much when it came i went for the pendant to make a set oh no now i need a ring roll on the new auction site sorry i dont know how to do the links
Oh WOW! Pepsi and all blue diamonds.......magic colour.....I'm very envious!
That's a great clear picture by the way, well done.
aw thats gorgeous Sammi, and really kind of them.

I just discovered yesterday the 'wishlist' thing, am happily adding to it lol
:)thankyou Sammi for doing my threads ,that is a very pretty peridot , i think all the things i've bought from here look loads better irl so i do hope it dosent put people off sending for things because i'm really happy with what ive got the trouble is i want lots more HELP i'm addicted:D
Lovely pieces everyone. Sammi love the peridot (well I would wouldn't I!!) very kind of your mad companions.:)
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