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Sep 24, 2008
I have meant to ask this for ages, there used to be a black lady on price drop, admittedly she got on my nerves but she just vanished, maybe name of pauline?

used to sing the stupid £9.99 song. .. and impersonate her Jamaican mum.

on the subject, im sure others have just vanished but i cant think who.

anybody enlighten me? :blush:
I think you're talking about Marian Okai but I don't know what happened to her. There was also a woman called Ruth who used to do the early shift on Speed Auction who just disappeared too. The new longer shifts mean they need less people I suppose but they disappeared long before the new shifts came in.
If Ruth (who used to do the early shift on Speed Auction) is the same one as I am thinking of, she always seemed to be on every morning and was very good I thought. I also wondered where she went.
She got fired last christmas (nearly a year and a half) as there was a premotion on bid tv where you could buy a TV cheap, like they do occasionally.

What happened was, as the number is usually '0904 251 2000' they changed it so it was '0904 251 2***' so no body could get in early, as in those times, they never 'locked' the phone lines. Mazza wanted one of the TV's, so she asked the person who generates the new number if he would tell her it, which he did but they got caught out, and both got fired!

I know it is bad, but if it was me, I wouldnt of done that, as I think she was a very good presenter and had been there since about 2003 I think.

- I got this info off 'Sean Fay' on facebook quite a while ago...... Hope this helps! ;)

P.S. She left, just before price-drop tv went off freeview.

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