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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
Is it just me or does the website always run behind the tv games?
I wanted to look at the details of a TP ring earlier in the week but the item on the site was stuck on a ring that sold about 3 games earlier! looked in today and its the same story, i'm beginning to wonder if its my laptop but other channels websites keep up with their tv games fine.
Anyone else have this issue?
I've noticed it too Gemcherub and imo it's a deliberate ploy to stop web players. It seemed to happen a lot on the Mossie games today........:54: :pPC:
Yes it's happened with me too. Probably yet another way of alienating web players! They want people to phone because if you bid on the web there's no guarantee you'll check out after but if you phone you complete the purchase there and then and they're assured of getting their money.

Rocks and Co must feel the same because they've been saying things recently like "web players please check out straight away because it's not fair if you're stopping someone getting it who really wants it" !!! Mind you, it's only Vicky Burton I've heard saying that and it's not a problem for them because they just sell it to a phone buyer anyway then tell you that it hasn't passed the QC check!!
Well it's a pointless exercise on their behalf Klos cos I just use option 3 to secure the item and then cancel the order if I change my mind, the only difference being that you have to do it a bit quicker than deleting it from your basket. They lose out really because I'm more inclined to add to a basket and complete an order and bet I'm not the only one to use the system in this way. :pPC:

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