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Aug 28, 2008
Hi all some good news.
We’ve been listening to all your feedback are now doing some fine tuning plus some nifty improvements to our website. A lot of this is because of your feedback so remember if you have a problem or suggestion; please email our customer support team with as many details as possible and we will try and fix it.
Below is a list of what we have changed and how things have been improved.

Shopping Basket Details
: Customers could previously order fixed price items without logging in. For security reasons you will now be required to log in every time you order items or need to view items in your basket.

Jewellery Details: From Monday 20th October, the ‘More Info’ button will be added to the bottom of the product image in your baskets (i.e. items waiting to be checked out within the allotted 24 hours) and items previously ordered online (i.e. items in your ‘Order History’ in ‘My Account’). One click and that item’s details will pop up in a new window.

Historic Product Search: The above is OK, but what about if you ordered by phone? No problem, the item number is your ultimate ‘authenticity guarantee’ and the only thing needed to verify a Rocks & Co. product. From Wednesday 22nd October, anyone with an item number can visit to access the ‘More Info’ details for any Rocks & Co. jewellery. This function will also have a ‘Print Page’ button allowing you to generate a hard copy. Just staple to your invoice and you have a permanent record of your purchase. Prices will not be included as they are on your invoice.

Bid Time & Date
: To help you keep track of your bids, we have added the time (24 hour clock) and date (day/month/year) of your bid under the ‘Item Number’ for each auction item in your shopping basket.

£500 Limit Alert: So you don’t miss out on bids, when you have over £400 worth of auction items in your basket, a pop-up will appear reminding you that online auction purchases are limited to £500 per shipment. Please note that receiving this message is dependant on you always accepting pop-ups from our site. If you block these in Internet Explorer, you won’t see this message.
:Hiya: ARA

It's fantastic that Rocks & Co listen to us and the changes on the website sound perfect!

I am delighted that the channel now has Falling Auctions and really enjoy watching. Only drawback is that I have a sneaking suspicion that I may spend far too much money and will be asking you to employ and Addiction Specialist for us addicts!! I have had 5 items now and love them all. Unfortunately I am on holiday from work next week so may have to remortgage the house as I will be sat in front of the TV drooling and by the end of the week when the other half see's the orders arriving I may even be wearing handcuffs to prevent me from phoning or clicking on the web!!

Keep up the excellent work and thank you for coming on here and keeping us updated.
  • Will I be able to see items I buy on the phone in my account?
  • Why are deliveries taking so long? - I am still waiting for an order placed on 11th October
  • Why do I have to give every scrap of info to the call centre with every new order? Could you not remember my address at least?
  • Why can't we have a delivery instruction bit on the web form? I only want my gems delivered to me, not my neighbours if I am not around

Miss Kitty was your order placed on the web if so see my thread - problems ordering on web

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