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  • Images problem using IE and Vista

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Images problem using IE and another OS

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Images problem using another browser (Firefox etc)

    Votes: 8 44.4%
  • No images problem using IE

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • No images problem using another browser

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Jun 24, 2008
Sorry to post this again when I've already asked the question - although only got a few replies :Sad2:

When I go on to the Gems website I don't get any images on the Home page and I don't get any images on the Current Games page. The shop etc are fine. However, this means I can't see or buy anything that is currently on TV or that is in the falling auctions. I have tried another laptop and my husband has tried at work and it's exactly the same. I phoned Gems last night and the lady I spoke to said hers was fine and to keep refreshing the screen. This has not worked. I emailed them again later but have not received a reply. I've tried everything and the answers I am now getting via the internet is that it's a problem with their site.

So! I have out a poll here and would be very grateful if you could take one minute to participate in this for me. This the first time I have had any problems with the site. PLEASE HELP.

Thank you
Hi Klos, using IE it wouldn't load games at first this morning but it's fine now. Can't say I have many problems with it on IE usually. No games on Firefox though but I believe that's been troublesome for a while from what other FM's have said.
Mornin' Klos!

Last night I replied to your thread and said IE was fine for me but a bit slow.

This morning I ticked the "no probs with IE" box then logged onto Gems and, :eek: I don't believe it, no pictures at all on the homepage!

Really sorry if I've messsed up your poll but it was working until today! :eek:
Hi Klosblue, when I phoned gems last time they said there was no problem they could see but quite a few forum members couldn't get first page to download like you say that means we can't purchase live games on the web, but they don't seem to be too interested in the problem it was also suggested it was a problem with my computer but also tried on my laptop and same problem on there, still a problem on front page of website for me also at the moment so it's not just you Klosblue
Never normally have a problem with GTV,however I too do not get any images on the homepage this morning.Every other page is fine but no participation in current auctions for me at the moment.:(
One out of 2.....must do better!

I've voted that I have image problems on Firefox......on the Homepage......sometimes they appear and sometimes they don't!!

IE loads fine on all pages.....checking it as I type.

But my feelings on this new website layout are common knowledge, I think, but just to re-affirm .......

followed by



I think that says it all so I'll .......:mysmilie_770.gif:
I voted for Firefox probs as I can only vote for one, but today I tuned in for the end of the Morganite hour and tried to buy via IE (which I hate using :mad:) and the front page won't load there either!

I assumed the whole web was down then heard from the TV that web buyers were snatching so thought it was only me!
It's working at the moment for me but there defintely is a problem :(
wouldn't load front page for me for most of the morning really do think
gemstv need to look into this and not just say 'there must be a problem with you're computer'!
as 'we can see no problem'
Just to let you know Klos, the homepage has finally loaded for me on IE. :confused:
Thanks very much everyone - mine has come back too. How could it possibly be our PC's if it's now working :Thinking2: Maybe the gems fairy has been flying around the country fixing everyone's pc!! Oh yes Gems it's all our fault of course :Bum1:

Thanks again :BigHug:

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