website broken again


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just done that, front page still blank, it was last night but was o.k this morning??????

spoke to soon it gone again, thanks for trying to help Sammi, not having a problem with any other website.
Hi Cleopatra
I'm having problems with website also, had a problem also last night but it has been fine this morning and this afternoon funnily enough it was the same time last night I had the problem and seemed to be sorted ok for morning so think it's a problem at gems side :confused:, hope this helps anyway
It's down for me too - it was down was this a.m. on a different computer and I've just 'cleaned' the home c. system, so I also think it's a GTV gremlin!
thanks everone for your help, went into the garden for a bit and now its back, have done nothing this time so it must be gems.

Yes it's fine again for me too now, but there does seem to be some kind of fault now and then:confused:

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