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Mrs Zed

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Oct 4, 2008

Just had a browse on the website.......looks as if quite a few items have increased in price........:33:
Could be SCW....I noticed because I'd had my eye on a couple of items, then realised they were not the price they were previously! Also I tried to check one out, only to get the message 'game now ended'? Am confussed!
Hi Mrs Zed & welcome to the forum. I noticed prices have gone up I ordered a ring a weekend price has now gone up by £22!! think it must be something to do with the new falling auctions starting think you may be right scw, was it a live game that you were trying to purchase from or just an item in general??? it's very confusing why you couldn't purchase, hope you manage to get what you want:1:
Hi PandaBear and thank you for the welcome:1: I just went onto the website,(wasn't a live game) checked the item into my basket, and got 'the' message. (oh, and it had gone up by approx £6.00! from its previous price) I shall keep a lookout to see if it appears in falling auctions and see what price it falls to......
You are so right about the website price hike!

When I said I would only continue to buy from Rocks and Co if I could buy on the web rather than wasting time watching their boring TV shows, I did NOT mean that I wanted to buy at inflated prices.

Please give me the chance to buy nice jewellery on the web at the BEST price, and I will be a loyal customer. Otherwise, I'll go elsewhere - it's not as though there's no competition.
Hi as you will all be aware Rocks and Co. are going to the format of falling auction from 3 pm today. In the lead up to this process we have had to test that the new software on the web and at our call centre worked smoothly. Hence you have seen some changes in prices on the web and that the channel has not always been live.
This is all now sorted and the prices will be going back to what they were previously. Some items we have had to remove from the web as part of a system reshuffle but they will all be back soon.
If you had an item in your cart the price will return to what it was within the next hour so please leave it in there. Also as this is our first day at falling auctions we want to make it a day to remember and we have some old hands at the helm so watch out for some amazing deals on our Jewellery.
Tune in from 3 for the all new Rocks and Co. now with falling auctions!
Hello ARA,

I just wanted to say how pleased I am to see Ruth. Her experience is really showing isn't it?

You won't know me as I, too, am a refugee from Gems (as a customer), and expect there will be many more.

Thanks, Andrew (ARA), for the explanation.

It looks as though most of the items have disappeared from the website! Eagerly awaiting their return - plus lots of new ones, I hope!

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