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Jun 24, 2008
Can't see a thread for this on here

Cropadile Big Bite 2 & Gromlets Kit
Today's Special Value Price £23.85
QVC Price £33.00
Item Number 586953
Availability In stock
UK P&P£4.95

Just been looking on craft telly and ordered on Qmobile for the first time


then realised couldn't thank anyone as I havent re-registered there yet.
Apparently the revised "Normal QVC Price: £28.50"

Thanks everyone on CT for the info, off to reregister now!
Decisions decisions...

I have just ordered DD the crop a dile on Friday, would she need both?

Or would I be better sending the crop a dile back and ordering this?
If I remember rightly, I think the Big Bite goes further into the paper. ie not just near the edges. I might be wrong though.
I don't think you would need both but think the Big Bite would be best.
I have a crop a dile already, but the Big Bite is a lot bigger and can reach 6 inches.
It punches through most materials with ease, including things like leather and metal.
Can't wait!!
Price looks good though! OH looked at getting one from US earlier in the year, but the price still seemed a bit steep, glad I waited. And I quite like the pink!
I bought a crop a dile and hardly use it, so there's no point in me getting a big bite

Same here.

But then I can probably say that same about 70% of the gadgets I've bought over the last couple of years. :rolleyes:

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