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Jul 5, 2008
Come on all you peeps who went to the famous openday we need details and photos for all of us who could'nt go lol
Lovely day,nice people and Steve and Staff looked after us so well.Have attached a piccy of the staff and little me LOL.
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Sat with these lovely people,the gentleman was from Scotland and so sweet.Gave me a lovely Jade bangle,how nice was that.:ANYWORD:
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it was a lovely day, the staff and crew were great, lots of fun and we came away with a little gift at the end.

I never got my camera out in the end, but Mad4 did so she'll no doubt post them on tomorrow. She's still on her way home from my house!

We stopped off at BH's house for a bite to eat before coming on southwards.
Sat with these lovely people,the gentleman was from Scotland and so sweet.Gave me a lovely Jade bangle,how nice was that.:ANYWORD:

I think I am right in saying that that lovely gent was GemJimbo. He is so sweet.

Glad you had a wonderful day, it looked great from where I was watching :4:
it was lovely meeting some of the other forum members. everyone seemed to be having a good time. The trip to the studio was funny as Jamie was like a puppy with two tails having all the visitors!

Unfortunately the camera is not kind and when you see yourself up on the screen 10ft tall you just want to run and hide!
Hubby took the picture Pepsi.

Yep he asked if I liked jade and he showed me a bangle and said try it on and I said I may not get it off again and he said don't worry its for you to keep. awwwww And Rockstv gave us a prezzie each a silver and pink rock quartz necklet.Very pretty.
A great day. All the staff were great and lovely people to talk too!! Don't know how Jamie managed to carry on presenting with us all popping in!!

I didn't take pictures either, but sure m4g will post some later or tomorrow!
Sounds like you all had great fun. I didn't manage to sneak online at work this afternoon so didn't see anything :17:. Hope more piccys appear - looking forward to seeing you all enjoying yourselves.
I was watching online and saying hiya. You all looked lovely.

Saw Sammi, BH, Lady Mad, Diamond Girl, Miss Magpie, Daz, MarieK and Alupha from the forum here....apologies if I've forgotten anyone! Alupha had a nice little chat with Jamie later on. He said there about 85 visitors there!

Everybody coming into the studio seemed to be having a good time, I was surprised how many fellas were there,
were they mostly escorts....as in drivers I mean? We didn't see Sarah, did you get to meet her?

Thanks for posting the piccies DG......great to see them.
I might be off on a tangent here (more than might be actually) but are you carottops sister ?

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