washamat, anyone bought one?


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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone ever got one of these? are they as good as they make them out to be?

My mums kitchen floor is tile and is a nightmare when my dad comes in with his horrible feet, and because his business is from home, they need access to the loo and the men arent the most thoughtful bunch, so these seemed like a good idea
has anyone ever bought one? are they really that good?

Hi Amanda, I bought two when they were definitely MagiMats that have a black border and an impressed label on the rubber backing and then another later which doesn't have a border and there's no label and they are all brilliant! I reckon you need a big one or a couple that are arranged so that a few steps are actually walked on it as it's too easy for a bloke with big strides or a running dog to miss it altogether. They save me loads of work with two dogs in and out of the garden from the kitchen all day. When I finally get my wooden floor in the hall I'm going to get a runner as well as the doormat. They wash brilliantly too. HTH

I don't know if the ones they sell now are the same as I haven't watched lately, but as long as they are cotton they should be fine. Sian bought one from a local shop on the cheap and it's crap. Man-made fibre with no absorbency looks nice as it never stains - that's 'cos all the muck is still on paws and boots :gasp:. HTH
I have them too from when they were called something else and they do really work, as long as you do a few steps on them. I get the dog to do circles in the hall on the mats after his walk and they work a treat.

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