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Jun 24, 2008
went to the birchwood outlet yesterday, store was almost empty hardley anything in,only thing they did have a lot of was markon suede boots for about a tenner, have altered it all around seems to be more clothes in know but still they wernt very good. wont be going again for a long time.anyone know when they are moving.
i dont know they were moving.......to bigger premises or smaller if thats possible
Thanks Ozzie you have saved me a journey, I`ve only been once before and bought some bargain bedding and Christmas tree ornaments ...I wasn`t impressed with the clothes they had in then either.
no probs, glad saved you a journey, i have had lots of good stuff from there but was not impressed at all yesterday,
When I was in Shrewsbury last weekend there was hardly anything there either they said that they were running down all the stocks as it was stocktaking in a couple of weeks and it would be less to count. Either that or they are re-sending out things as per the other thread!!!!!
I was in there a while ago and asked when they were moving as I'd heard they were re-locating to a pub premises just outside the shopping mall but the cashier said that due to the credit crunch they weren't moving now!
lol fairynuff pub premises, are qvc gonna send ali k and anne dawson to run the joint

:32:strange as it sounds it was true, they WERE going to move into a pub which closed last year, would have given them much more space but not to be!

Couldn't you just see JR as the landlady and AD as the barmaid drumming up custom?:11::11:
If we are looking for Characters close to old corrie Characters... Dale with some curlers in as Hilda Ogden.
no suzywoozy you will not trap me with your cunning plan, i could never be so cruel to state here that i actually think anne dawson in a lookielikie of stan ogden, i will be more generous and say she looks more like eddie yates

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