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Retired - Don't Quite Fit
Dec 17, 2008
Get into your nuclear shelters, if you don't have one then get under the table with a mattress and duvet thrown over it and all your doors and windows locked. Adina and Vicki C are doing a double header later!

Good luck to us all, though some of us will inevitably be lost - SOS.

I'll be thinking of you all during this terrifying time, and let us hope the English language isn't facing total destruction.

Argey xxx
:whew2: Thanks for the warning Argey!! :jump: Flak jacket, bullsh*t deflectors and earplugs at the ready!! Anyone still have an Anderson Shelter?? :thinking2: May need to make a quick getaway :RUNAWAY: or hide :behindsofa: once they start squawking and shrieking and talking carp. :pPC:
Thank the Lord I'll be washing my hair, doing housework, painting my nails, cleaning my bling and anything else to keep me busy with avoidance tactics.

Thanks for the warning Argey.

Good luck to the British public.
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