warmspun by Michael Joseph


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It seemed to vanish despite being mentioned in the Fashin Day advert. :rolleyes:
I wish they wouldn't get the stock in for their other fashion shows...
I was looking forward to this also. I liked the look of the tweedie trousers on the trailer. Very suitable and warm for work. I called C/S for info but they didn't have a clue what I was talking about.
I read that this brand has aloe vera in the fabric :32: I have looked on the net and can`t find anything at all for this brand anywhere :31:
Yes, I think it was follow the country code lol or maybe, be careful of high tide in Weston-super-mare :53:
It's Joe and Petunia from the Public Information films of the 70s. I've got a dvd with all the best ones from that period on it.
Ooh where did you get it from iclaudi ? does it have Charlie says and the Tufty club on it ? Thanks .
It's got them all, hon. I loved the Tufty club as a child and now I can see all the old pieces with my fave squirrel! It's got all the Charley Says films and the road safety stuff, what memories!
It's called "Charley Says" and I got it from Amazon. there's a disc 1 and disc 2, but mine is the 2 volume set. It's an absolute scream, you must try to get it. xx
Found some

Warmspun by Michael Joesph Long Wave Tweed Jacket

Warmspun by Michael Joseph Kimono Sleeve Top

Warmspun by Michael Joseph Viscose Blend with Cashmere V Neck Top

Warmspun by Michael Joseph Long Sleeve Square Neck Tunic

Warmspun by Michael Joseph Sleeveless Top

Warmspun by Michael Joesph Morgan Crepe Saddle Stitch Skirt

Warmspun by Micheal Joesph Morgan Crepe Saddle Stitich Trouser

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