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Sep 2, 2008
hi all, i was wondering if anyone had any voucher codes. im well miserable at the moment and need cheering up.
its been a loooong summer holiday - my son has aspergers and he has been hard work this summer despite my best efforts to entertain him, even my easy going daughter is getting het up and yesterday i lost yet another baby :( ( thats two in a year ) so i thought a bit of retail therapy would help. have seen a lovely blue topaz ring to remind me of my lost little one, but if anyone has any offer codes id appreciate them :) hope you dont think im being cheeky asking :) could just use some good news for a change.
Hi Tracey, I can't help you with a code I'm afraid, we haven't had one for a while and they were only for a fiver. Perhaps you should treat yourself anyway, sounds like you've been having a stressful time. So sorry to hear about the baby, have a hug from me Sweetie.

aww, thanks hun worth a try. i will deffo be getting something to treat myself with, just trying to save a few pennies on it is all :)
So sorry to hear your sad news Tracey, I'm afraid that I'm not watching a lot of Gems at the moment, but Basket's right, I don't think there's been any 10% codes for quite a while. Having said that, maybe someone from Gems will see this, and offer one.

I hope you find something nice to treat yourself, you deserve it.

I'm so sorry you're going through such a hard time at the moment Tracy. :( I haven't heard of any discounts either just recently. It would be a good gesture on Gems' part at the moment, as it may entice some customers back.

Have you seen the blue Topaz on air or in the shop? If you'd like to give us the code, we could have a look out for you hon if you like. Take care and sending you a big hug. M xx
Hi Tracey, there is a voucher for £5 off any order over £30 for the month of September. The code is ST3908. It is available until 30th September and can only be used once.

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