VickiC has a baby girl


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Thank you for the news Julie.

Congratulations to Vicky and Hubby on the arrival of their daughter.​

Many congratulations to Vicki and her husband! I wish her and their baby girl all the best of health.
congratulations Vicki and her husband, wonder what the baby is called, pleased everything went well.

Was Vicki the blonde screechy one who got married last year?? Jeez I bet she made a racket in the labour ward. :SUE: :pPC:
Congratulations Vicki and hubbie on your new arrival does anyone know
the little girl's name?
:) Sorry but you've mistaken my meaning Harfarhs, I was referring to
the baby's name being the same as the song 'Sweet Georgia Brown'........

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Great song Sacha, maybe it's a favourite of Vicki and Petes?:wink:


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