Very odd......


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Jun 24, 2008
On the phone/not the web!
What is MB....the length of the skirt or the colour of the shoe?! :33:

Then again, maybe it's the poor grouting of the slabs.....:1:
Was just thinking the same myself BL - what appaling workmanship! - of course it could be that the poor woman appears to have left her top half in the dressing room while she was changing...
Fancy you spotting that poor workmanship as well Von......perhaps MB has missed it!!

Another thought - could it be that she's wearing her watch on her right wrist rather than her left? :54:
Those legs have to belong to Bunion woman or Julie, only they do that tortous pose with their feet.
C'mon then Mommabear - put us out of our misery - you have noticed something that was none of the above????
I think I know what you mean MB...Why's she standing by a swimming pool wearing a winter skirt, standing in a ballet position wearing the sort of knackered slippers you'd find thrown on the floor of your car for driving in, on the end her milk bottle white legs....Looks blinking hideous.

Wouldn't have looked quite so bad with bare brown legs and no shoes!
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