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Bump. I want a pair of huggy earrngs, but I bet they wouldn't put those on as a TSV cos they have to ? melt them down if they're returned.

I would like it to be a cuff bangle - am lusting after the one JR wears but not the price. I doubt it will be though as the eternal tsv last week was a bangle - I didnt like that one as it was 'silver' coloured and I thought it looked like one of those magnetic arthritis bracelets.
Veronese Set of 2 Graduating Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver
Item Number: 692966
QVC Price £27.00
Today's Special Value Price £22.55
Availability In stock
UK P&P £2.95

Get the glamorous look of gold for less with this set of Veronese hoop earrings. You'll receive two pairs of earrings that are crafted from sterling silver and bonded in 18 carat gold. The first pair of hoops are highly polished and perfect for adding a touch of style to your day wear. Oozing sophistication, the second pair features a subtle diamond-cut design that sparkles in the light. The polished hoops measure about 30mm in diameter and the diamond-cut hoops measure about 40mm in diameter. Available in Yellow Gold or Rose Gold options.
Not at all my sort of thing, but I'm recording the show hoping for something better - well, more my sort of thing.

How wrong I was about "it won't be earrings".

Not my sort of thing either: all but the very snuggiest of hoops just stick out at odd angles on me and I feel like a twit. Love Veronese though!
Aren't hoops going a bit out of fashion for all but chavs?? Surely drops are more 'on trend' now.

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