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Jun 24, 2008
I have purchased the UV-C light wand for £21.99 and it arrived today.
It works as in the light comes on etc. but how do we know it actually works?

You just wave the wand slowly over items and it's supposed to kill 99% of bacteria and viruses.
Well i waved the wand over the work surfaces in the kitchen, over the laptop i'm using now, over many other things but i had to do my bed as it says it kills dust mites and bed bugs and promotes fresh air, so i hopefully should have the best nights sleep of my life!!

Hmmmmmmmmm well let's see if i do... anyone else bought it??
I was thinking about buying one of these, but like you said how do we know it works. :rolleyes:
Just had a look on price drop web site and the wand closed at £27.99
we've just bought it and had it delivered yesterday!! that crossed my mind too, how do we know its working and i thought of the same thing..........do my mattress, as i suffer with painful sinus pressure due to allergies so if after ive done my bed i start noticing a difference, i'll know its working!!!:D thats my idea anyhow lol

angel x

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