UV Antibac Vacuum


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Jun 24, 2008
Am I alone in hating the way this item is being presented? The constant references to all the bugs etc in your bed. No-one ever seems to say 'so what?' We have been sharing our beds with bugs for centuries with no ill effects to the vast majority of people. No wonder there are so many antibiotics prescribed, we seem as a nation to be obsessed with spraying everything and anything with antibac for no good reason - now they want to make people feel that they are not doing their best by their family if they don't do the same to their beds - the world has gone mad...and lost it's natural defences!
I have not seen this presentation and they are not alone at doing this, most of the health care products are sold in this manner.
I haven't seen this presentation, but I agree with you wholeheartedly. I find it really offensive when they go on about bugs and mites and bug poo! So what if we're co-existing with these these microscopic life-forms? It's natural. They're just playing on peoples fears and desire to be thought of as clean. No wonder there's so much asthma and eczema around these days. Like you say we've blitzed ourselves into allergies. Save the bugs!!!

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