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Jun 25, 2008
Anyone else have this problem?

I went into my account just now to upgrade some payments from chequehold to my credit card and the facility to change the payment method is absent.

I can't even remember exactly what it said or where on the page it used to be now, just cant see it!


I did the same thing just an hour or so ago & it was fine then, maybe a temporary glitch?

Account - Order Status - Order no. = 'Change payment method' should be at bottom of first box on Order Details page & details to change it to card on following page.
I think it is still there...try going onto the page by going into account maintenance once you have logged in (second option down) and then scroll the page down to the bottom and you will see after the address details there is an option for cards, adding, deleting and editing...hth!
My cards are listed in the account maintenance section, but I still cant see the option for upgrading in the order section.

Really weird. I did get a ticking off a while back about 'abusing chequehold' maybe they are punishing me, lol. If that were the case I should have thought they would be better off blocking me from using chequehold in the first place instead of stopping me converting it to real money!

I've had that happen to me as well

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I tried to use that facility to pay for the Laura Geller TSV, and as you say, it has disappeared.

You used to be able to click on the order number and there it was! Had to ring CS and do it that way. takes longer.

expecting letter about abusing cheque hold any day now, but would be happy to talk them through each item I have not purchased, because it got bad reviews.
What counts as 'abusing cheque hold' then, or rather, how many times can you switch payment methods before they start getting snotty about it?

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