ultra sonic cleaner any good?


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Hi Suzyglam, was gonna get one of these a few weeks back but thought I'd check Gems own website on jewellery care/cleaning. Was rather amazed to find that MOST gems are described as either unsuitable or not advisable for sonic cleaning! I emailed Gems & asked why they were trying to flog these when their own website advised not to use them. Needless to say I didn't get a reply! I'm sure Meeshoo would be able to give you more info.
I did wonder, cos id heard sunthing similar on another channel, i have tried that stuff qvc sell and found that was rubbish. that coconut thing...

I know u can do false teeth and coins in the ultra sonic cleaner lol...

I dont hav any tho (false teeth or many coins) .. but its nice to know.
Neither do I suzyglam, fortunately. I have it on good authority that Dave Bradford cleaner that Ideal world flogs is supposed to be the biz but I won't deal with them anymore and I've never tried it personally.
You can clean your cd's in the sonic as well--I just use a lint free cloth!
You can only give it a try and see what you think; let us know on the forum.

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