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Oct 1, 2009
Hi, I was reading one of the posts in a different thread and it mentioned UGL's with Lorique rings. As I didn't know anything about these and whether I should have had one with my ring, I decided to go into live help and ask. Apparently my ring doesn't come with a UGL (still haven't found out what that is). I am a bit dissapointed to me a Lorique is a Lorique whether it be a Sapphire, Tanzy or any other gem that you have paid a lot of money for, can't understand why some come with a UGL and others don't. They said they would get Steve to tell me more about it on his return from India.
The first lot of Lorique all had the certificate, but the new Paraibas and Tanzanites in Platinum and white gold don't.
UGL is a laboratory that certifies gemstones but is not one that you would be advised to send gemstones to if you want the certificate to add weight (IYKWIM). The three gemstone labs that are most highly thought of are:-

The Gubelin Lab in Basel, Switzerland
The AGL (American Gemological Laboratory) in New York
The AGTA lab (American Gem Trade Associaton laboratory) in New York (although I believe they have recently stopped certifying gemstones)

Here's a link for you to look at re UGL:

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