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<img src="/images/uselltv.JPG" border="1" alt="usell tv" title="usell tv" hspace="3" vspace="3" align="right" />The days of slick presenters dominating TV shopping channels and programmes may well be over: A unique new concept in teleshopping sales looks set to take over, giving Entrepreneurs the opportunity to market their own products and concepts on shows which will offer entertainment value to the viewer, as well as purchasing opportunities. What's more, the products are mostly new and innovative!<br /> <br /><a href="http://www.uselltv.co.uk" target="_blank">U-Sell</a> looks to bridge the gap between the inventor (or salesman) and the viewer. After all, who knows the product better than those intimately involved in it's development of marketing? That's why the idea of the owner or inventor selling directly to the public is not such a bad idea. Indeed, it could be genius! After all, if you don't necessarily want the product, you are likely to stay watching for the entertainment value of seeing the product's creator display his or her passion alone. <br /> <br />Importantly, the time that each product or personality is exposed to the viewer will be vigorously reduced, to a maximum of seven minutes. That means more products, more interest and more personalities in every half-hour show.<br /> <br />For wanna-be sales presenters who think they may need coaching, it's also on hand as part of the package. In fact, due to Ofcom regulations about what can and can't be said on-air, every 'presenter' has to have on-screen training before they can record their sales message for transmission.<br><br>U-SELL is due to hit our screens from mid October.

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