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Jun 26, 2008
Has anyone noticed there is a difference to what was sent out as opposed to what is on? Today was meant to be a Centigrade outerwear TSV but it is a television??? How are we meant to plan when to spend our well earned dosh? :43:
Oh I know that it's subject to change but if you hadn't seen the small print, :22: you might miss a TSV you were looking out for!
yeah - i noticed that too - was hoping for Centigrade outerware.....has anyone bought the Centigrade cord belted mac??? - it looks a bit A-line...any feedback on this coat greatly appreciated (no reviews online yet)

item no. 139440
The last Sat in October shows the midnight show as Ojon, but there are no other Ojon shows during the day. There are lots of Bare Escentual shows so I think that's a mistake.
Marzy, how you? Haven't been here for a while due to lack of seeing something that I really really wanted!! hope you well...will pm you later on! Am in work at the moment!

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