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Aug 10, 2008
Hi guys,

what's the opinion of the TSV today, cool or old fashioned??? i like the gold but can't decide?
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I think its ok, but expensive. And i don't really do cusions, can't see the point of having to chuck them on the floor when you go to bed! :eek::D
I love all that s**t, cushions on the bed, oh it looks so cosy and warm and inviting. I am a big girlie kid. :D
Looks beautiful from the picture but I do agree about the cushions. I think I would have gone for it if I was still in the UK.
I do think it is nice, but i can't justify paying that amount thats all, and not really my cup of tea. Would have to be really really really nice at that price, regardless of how many cushions there are!!!!!!!!!!! :)
The comforter is dry clean only as well which bumps up the price
i cant decide if i like or not so think i'll leave it for now
I think its traditional pattern - which can look modern with the right styling - or flipping it over to the other pattern makes it more tailored.

However I don't want the weight of a comforter - and I hate sheets so wasn't tempted - and then heard that its dry clean so could be a right pain!
It's ok, if you've got that kind of decor, would look nice in really "grand" surroundings like a posh hotel, but not that practical for an ordinary bedroom and also would think that that satin jacquard would snag quite easily, and not look that good for very long.

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