Tsv o8/07/08?


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Crafty Beauty

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Jun 26, 2008
The TSV hour for this day is "Gifts under £30" - not much of a clue there :confused: Does anyone have any ideas what that TSV will be?

I wondered if it might be OPI as there are several OPI hours that day, including hte 11pm hour (last showing of the TSV)???
:rolleyes: can't be up to much or else Julia (i'm a size small) would be in there like a shot to bag a freebie!!!!
my votes are as above - something with an LED - although those deckchairs may count for that!

Otherwise its some really tacky product that defies any other category!!!

Set of 3 Aroma Di Casa Fragrant Oil Reed Diffusers in Frosted Bottles

Today's Special Value Price£18.74
QVC Price£22.75
Item Number757229
UK P&P£4.95

Infuse your home with fresh and sensuous fragrances using these reed diffusers. You'll receive three oil reed diffusers (125ml each) in the following scents: Midnight Lavender, Ocean Fresh and Water Lotus. The fragrances - made from an exotic blend of natural Australian herbs - will subtly fill your home with their evocative aromas. An ideal gift, each diffuser is individually packaged in a pretty frosted glass vase complete with glass stopper and seven natural rattan wicks. Each diffuser lasts up to six months if the reeds are turned over daily.
Has any one purchased these, just wondered how strong the aroma is, would make ideal gifts, but will think about this, as I have never used them
they sell similar in tkmax for £4.99 to £9.99 and the ones I use last about 4mths and smell lovely I use Verbena though.
I've got an oil diffuser from the lady who sends me copy perfumes and she does oils for it in all the different scents too. They're good to put in the bathroom or where you can't leave candles burning.
I did not buy but I recall the reviews on the last TSV of these was not that good.
I bought the Aroma Di Casa reed diffusers when they were a TSV last year. I wanted to love them but the scent was just so weak that it made no difference whatsoever to the room and I had mine in a small bathroom! I ended up sending them back.
I've got a reed diffuser in my bathroom which I bought from a shop called Terre D'Oc in Marylebone High Street. The fragrance is lovely, but it wasn't particularly cheap. I suppose you get what you pay for. ;)
Oh ******!!!!!

I have ordered them. Thought they would be perfect in the downstairs loo. Grrr!
I've got a L'occitane reed diffuser thingy & that smells lovely in my bathroom. But I've had cheaper ones from Dunlem MIll & they've worked fine too...
I shall have to wait and see. Luckily, my downstairs loo could hardly be described as palatial so I might be lucky! LOL.

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