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Oct 31, 2008
Brecon Beacons National Park
Can anyone suggest a trendy perfume that I can buy for my 27 year old daughter who's a very "girly girl". I'm a bit stuck in the rut with my own perfumes and know that she wouldn't really like any of them. I need to get something smelly for her Christmas stocking and haven't got a clue.

Thanks everyone.
Mam this is a difficult one to make recommendations on as perfume is a very personal thing eh? Anyway you say she's a girlie girl - i would describe me the same - i love anything that sparkles,makeup,perfume etc and love girlie lunches/nights out so i'll tell you what i like/buy on the perfume front.

My favourite perfume is Thierry Muglar Angel but i also like Issey Miyake l'eau d'Issy,Calvin Klein Eternity,Calvin Klein Euphoria,YSL Rive Gauche,Philosophy Baby Grace and Jennifer Lopez Still

I hth and you find a lovely perfume for your daughters stocking Lindax
My 2 dds are 32 & 34 & the 32 yr old loves Escape by Calvin Klein( she used to be a huge Angel fan but seems to have changed her taste in the last few years) & the older one loves the original D&G,sorry can't remember the name of it.
I have a younger sister who is 30 and she is wearing Marc Jacob's Daisy at the moment.

It's a lovely fragrance and comes in a very pretty bottle too :)
ive just bought the princess set by vera wang from boots, its a little pink travel spay set with girlie things on it and three spare refills, its so gorgeous and pink and very nice for a pressie and im the same age as your daughter
I love and would suggest

kenzo - flowers,

armani code

or ck one

dont think you can go wrong with them.
OK we know she is girly. But what other perfumes does she wear? Has she a favourite flower?

Angel can be a real love or hate perfume for many.
Escape is discontinued now, though still around is some places. Smells like the beach. Have to say I hate the stuff, a girl I worked with used to drown herself in it.:23:

Coco Mad is very popular classey but very in mod.
Givenchy haves various versions of Very Irresisable out.
I think D&G Light Blue might be suitable. Its a lovely fresh scent ....not heavy ...and I havent met anyone yet who doesnt like it
both marc jacobs perfumes daisy and the other one not sure what it called, also chloe is very nice.
I like Echo from Davidoff! I'm rubbish at describing - but could spray some on some tissue and send it to u to smell it?? Its lovely!!!
If she's girly and she likes light floral fragrances then I would suggest Anais Anais would be the perfect choice and it's not ridiculously expensive either.

Other suggestions would be Davidoff's Cool Water or SJP's Lovely
Im 28 and I love Diesel fuel for life, armani code, armani she, flowers by kenzo and Darling by Kylie but everyones taste is different, hope you find something for her xx
I asked my daughter who uses jon paul gaultier the mens one. The womens one is good too according to her (cant recall name but the bottles in the shape of male and female). DD said you cant go wrong with them.

I like Vivienne Westwoods Let it rock.

Why not introduce her to Tova :9: (Magsy takes cover)
my daughter who is almost 25 likes lacoste pink, ck euphoria, coleen mclaughlin, ghost, dkny be delicous, ck obsession is nice too. hope this helps
Flowerbomb by VIKTOR & ROLF is just gorgeous. I'm drenched in it today and could just eat myself. :D :pPC:

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