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OMG!! :11: How rude is this?!

And Michael Leeson of Coalville, Leics, was furious when his mother got a letter saying she'd become a Travel Steps member and would be charged £99.

When he complained he says he was told: "Maybe she forgot, you did say she was old."
Totally agree cupcake.

I don't know if this was an IW employee or Travel Steps - either way, they are representing IW (that's what we were all told on the phone!) and so it demonstrates the complete lack of disrespect for the customer *insert angry smiley here*
I can well believe it....The lad I spoke to tried to make out I was deaf or stupid because I must have missed the terms and conditions on their phone call.
I told him in no uncertain terms what I thought he was :54:
Not bought from IW for a while but I have bought off ebay from the Pressplay company mentioned in the article. I have noticed that they have been seeling products sold on IW.
It certainly looks like IW tat!!

Wonder if it's ex display/demo stuff, or returns?
You're more likely to get your money back for no shows though if you buy off ebay and pay with paypal than you are if you order from IW.
Postage is better too ;)

Seems like there are lots of John Doe's registered as Directors!

Well who'd have thought it. Even if that was your real name, I imagine you'd not want to use it as no-one would trust you! Might just as well be Joe Bloggs or Fred Smith or even A.N. Other. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>
I always thought it was a made up name too Argey!! :)

I think i've been watching too much Crime and Investigation channel :D

Did a bit of googling and sure enough he seems to check out as a real person.

As for Pressplay, there is no mention anywhere on their site of Ideal World or any affiliation to them.

On the Travel Steps site, they basically give a disclaimer in their Privacy that they won't pass on your details at all unless they absolutely have to in order to conduct your account - unless it's for marketing....which basically rules everything IN doesn't it!


I'm sounding like a QVC presenter....basically.....

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