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I bought this as part of the 4 day deal about a week ago. It arrived yesterday.

I distinctly remember the woman who was selling it saying it only took her 5 minutes to put together.

Reading the instructions it took me and my sister in law an hour to put the damned thing together, and I still don't think we've done it properly.

It goes on about longitudinal this and that and is not at all clear.

Has anyone else got one and put it together?

What do you think of it if you have got one?

I used it last night and it certainly made my legs feel as if I'd done a good 20 minutes on the treadmill and I'd only done 1 minute on the machine.

I am hoping the "Fat Burn" programme really lives up to its name.

good good good good vibrations......

I haven't got one but would be interested to know how you get on with it and how quickly you notice any different in your toning up. Another FM has one and raved about it initially.
I have one on order and just heard that it will arrive on Wednesday.

I am told that it will be assembled for me. What service!

I have been researching a Power Plate for best part of a year and, ignoring the manufacturer's hype, there are many positive recommendations from users - that is the most useful information. Hospitals are now using them and that is another recommendation.

I hope I am not disappointed!
Well I have to say that after having it for 24 hours, I've spent approximately 5 minutes on it in various "positions". My muscles felt like I had been on a treadmill in the gym for 30 minutes.

It also left me feeling slightly out of breath, even though I was only standing still.

I will keep up with it at the recommended levels of 10 minutes every 2 days to start with. I'm using the manual mode at the moment which is the lowest vibration setting on a timer, but I'm going to move to mode 4 which is the fat burning one when I've been using it for a while.

I'll let you know how I get on.
....... all standing up I hasten to add.......



.......on my own......... fully clothed...........

TY OP, I'd be interested to see how people with one of these get on, as I sent my treadmill to the tip, it was too much hard work.
How much space does it take up? I've only a small flat, but I'm thinking it's the one exercise gadget in the world that I might have the strength to use :rolleyes:

It's quite small. If you can imagine one of those stepping machines and the floor space it takes up, it's about the same as that.

It would fit easily into an under stairs cupboard. You can lower the handle too when you aren't using it. I'm quite impressed at how small and powerful it is.

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