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Jun 27, 2008
I wonder if anyone can help. I am checking as to whether there is a lead missing from my box-the RDS-TMC Traffic reciever. I have never had this type before-have had NAVMAN, and that didn't have anything apart from the charger cable. I only recieved 2 black cables-the USB and the in-car charger,is that correct? It does have an asterisk on the information sheet and says this isn't with every model so I am assuming we don't need it for this one? Would be very grateful for your advice as it's taken ages to get here and I am itching to try it out!
I can't think what other cables you would need Suzi,i think it may well be complete but see what other people say.
I didn't see much of the presentations, so I may be wrong. I didn't think the TSV was the traffic version of v4.
Hi it just has in car charger and usb connection you need to purchase traffic separately. Got mine on Saturday, really easy to use and Tom tom website really good and I am by no means of the imagination a tecky!
Thanks for your help-I thought that was probably the case but in the illustration it looks like an aerial!:52:

Will have a go with it later.
If you buy the "Traffic" version of the Tom Tom you do get a type of arial which acts as the recevier to get the traffic updates. Although this TSV didn't come with that (which costs quite a bit more) the intruction booklet is obviously the same for all models as it has piccies of it in there!

Don't worry it's a great piece of kit - am loving mine!

Em xXx
Love my sat nav,was a bit unsure at first but they are easy to use and I am also a real technophobe!!Good luck with it!

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