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I seem to remember that they had something similar in plastic a couple of years ago that they couldn't even shift from the outlet store.
These look pretty but would agree that they would probably break easily.
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Another silly gimmicky offering from QVC! :rolleyes:
As petpixie also said, I'd probably break them within 5 minutes & hey, here's an idea........whilst I'm popping out to see if the glass bulb things still have water left in them..........why don't I just water the plants myself at the same time.......!?! :45:
Saw a set of 2 at a DIY/Garden store this morning for £5.99 so they are good value. But again why would anyone want 8???
Actually I've tried them and they do work pretty well

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I only have pots in my garden, and no way would I contemplate having glass anything in the garden let alone pots. I did have pottery watering mushrooms once, and even they broke in a high wind which was bad enough, so clearing up shards of glass is a complete no no.

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